Welcome to GPC 2009!
The ZWSOFT Global Partner Conference (GPC) is the first annual gathering that provides a forum for partners from all over the world to connect with each other and with ZWSOFT staff, and to learn about the latest ZWSOFT projects and strategies from both marketing and technical aspects. The 2009 conference took place on 25-28 August, in Guangzhou, China. See news & events, gallery for more GPC information.
News & Events

Review stunning news and well-organized events that happened during the conference, and see how much fun these events had brought to our partners.
  1. ZWSOFT Announces Success of First Global Partner Conference
  2. ZWSOFT office visit
  3. GPC official banquet became a lively party
  4. Free Talk
  5. Pearl River Night Cruise
  6. "Thank you" in different languages during dinner
GPC Awards
Following a year of hard work and close cooperation, we are delighted with the results our partners have achieved. ZWSOFT rewarded 10 partners who have produced an outstanding performance - These partners have provided exemplary service and solutions for their customers during the past year.

Thanks to all of our partners who had tried their best and if your company was not selected, we look forward to another high-quality result from you next year.

View the GPC 2009 Winners

GPC Gallery

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25th official meeting

25th Banquet

26th official meeting

Free Talk

26th Pearl River Cruise

27th Banquet

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